Welcome to Bucko Production Partners. We’re a new production service custom built for the new economy. Consider Bucko Production Partners your on-demand, one-stop shop for all things content. Whether it’s a quick social media project or a national TV campaign, we make the most of your production dollars.



We pride ourselves on being flexible, fast, cost effective, and above all, creative. We’re constantly pushing boundaries, exploring new ways of working, and figuring out how to get great ideas produced. Think of us as the Lyft of production partners. We’re a better way to do production in the modern marketing world where budgets, overhead, and time are no longer unlimited.

Founder & Executive Producer 

Bucko Production Partners was created by Jim Buckley. For more than fifteen years, Jim has worked in all aspects of the production business, from VP, Director of Broadcast Production, to Editor, to Videographer, to Voice-over. He understands all of the nuances that go into making your production great. Jim has worked at Allen & Gerritsen, Hill Holliday, and has done work for brands such as Xfinity, Major League Baseball, VH1, Sunoco, Staples Advantage, Dunkin' Donuts,

Bank of America, Safeco Insurance, and more.

He started Bucko Production Partners to meet your needs in the new economy. His vision for agency production matches the digital reality of doing more with less.